GDS Reservations for your Independent Hotel, Hotel Group, Inn or Resort.

Connect  to 500,000 Travel Agents Worldwide as well as 100's of Corporate Booking Services.

  • No Setup Fee --- No Monthly Fees-- No Monthly Minimum Payment Requirements
  • No Long Term Contracts -- Pure Performance based -- Pay only on completed stays
  • You collect the funds and pay after the guest has departed

  • We connect to your Channel Manager or use our simple but powerful control panel(no training needed)
  • Close out at anytime. No restrictions.
  • Low cost per booking - High volume discount

  • Corporate and Net rate agreement setup at no charge.
  • Consortia/RFP/ Lanyon services

  • Travel agency commission processing settlement included at no charge.( we pay all travel agents worlwide on your behalf)
  • Single monthly invoice for all charges , pay after you have corrected stay information.

  • Seamless system
  • Full activation in the GDS within 48 Hours
         -   Complimentary fully mobile standard website booking engine included no charge :No charge for engine or for reservations : Optional use

GDS/IDS Service

Over 5000 hotels trust and use our GDS service .We offer GDS as a standalone service with our own Extranet. We connect to over 60 different channel managers and Property Management Systems. We will connect with your Channel Management system when possible on request.

Channel Manager

Provides a hotel with the capability to manage direct contracted business with OTA's such as Expedia, the GDS and the hotel website engine with a single control panel. We connect with over 60 Channel Managers Worldwide.

Booking Engine

An optional hotel website booking engine is available. This fully integrated booking engine seamlessly connects to your GDS maintenance account or your Channel Manager.

GDS Representation  

With us you have a seamless connection to the GDS: Sabre, Amadeus, Travelport (Worldspan, Galileo, Axess ) Global Distribution Systems, and to the IDS.Receive reservations directly from over 500,000 travel agents around the world with additional reservations from international companies and government agencies you contract directly with. Connect with your channel manager or use our easy maintenance account, accessed directly through the Internet (no software download required) you can easily make real time updates to pricing, room inventory all with a few mouse-clicks, and these changes will take place in thousands travel agency systems worldwide in just seconds.

Our fees are entirely performance based, so you pay nothing until you have received a booking and the guest has stayed, paid, and is on his or her way.

Your Hotel will need to collect the full payment from the guest on arrival or departure (prepayment and deposits may be taken) and pay your charges to us only after they have departed.

We bill the hotel on the first day of each month for all previous month completed stays. All charges including the travel agent commission will be included. Hotel will have 8 days to correct statement to reflect actual stay cancel or no shows.  A new invoice will then be generated awaiting payment.

Once we receive your payment travel agents are paid electronically and all charges are settled. Each reservation will be transmitted by e-mail (all reservations may be viewed in the control panel at any time.) This includes the customer's name, arrival and departure dates, room type and rate booked, credit card number and expiration date (for prepayment, deposit or cancellation fees). Travel agency information is also shown.

An optional hotel website booking engine is available. This fully integrated booking engine seamlessly connects to your GDS maintenance account or your Channel Manager.

Travel Agent Commission Settlement (Included at no charge).

We simplify travel agency commission payments by utilizing the travel agent commission settlement service, to pay travel agent commissions on a timely basis and reduce costs.
We consolidate all commissionable transaction information and make it available to you for review, and update as necessary on a single monthly invoice.
Once we receive your approval and payment, your commissions are then centrally dispersed to travel agents around the world in their local currencies.

Hotel Marketing
Corporate and Negotiated Agreements

Many local and international companies as well as government agencies negotiate room rates directly with hotels. Once a hotel informs us of the new agreement, we can load and activate rates within a few hours. Using specific codes these clients are then able to use the GDS to book directly with the hotel.


Consortia's are a group of travel agencies or travel agency associations that have negotiated pricing agreements with hotels.

By offering negotiated pricing to these consortias you can increase your travel agency bookings.

Additionally consortia are used by Travel Management Companies and Corporate programs for finding accomodation for business travelers
Depending on your marketing strategy a hotel would contract with the consortia that would be most applicable for your business. Consortias are available for business and leisure markets and may be county specific.

RFP Programs

The RFP(request for proposal) program provides a automated, time-saving response that aggregates information and disseminates it to consortia decision makers. Once your data is loaded it is ready for submission to any RFP request.

We work with you to optimize your use of RFP response tools, ensuring that you meet strict submission deadlines and effectively implement your pricing and inventory in our CRS.

Channel Manager Partners

Channel Manager + PMS - Connected Partners

Channel Manager

ApartmentsApart (

AvailPro (

BookAssist (

BookingExpert (

BoccoGroup / Interalp (

BoccoGroup / Hotelspider (

BookLogic (

BookVisit ( (now Viato)

ChannelRush (

Cubilis / Stardekk (

Cultuzz (

Detco (

Dirs21 (

Dingus (

DirectWithHotels (

EaseRoom (

Easy Ram


eRevMax RateTiger (

eZee Centrix (

Figaro (


Hotel-Spider / Tourisoft (

HandCoded (

HotelAvailabilities (

HotelNetSolutions (

HotelPartner (

iPeak (

LSI Software (

myallocator (

Omnibees (

Parity Rate (

RoomCloud (

Phobs Virtual Sales Office (

Primal-Res (

Profitroom (

RateGain (

RateTiger (

RBO RoomBookerOnline (

Revpar Guru / RG Solutions (

RezExchange / Amadeus (

Roomito (

Seekom / iBex (

Serenata (


SiteMinder (

SmartHotel (


tobook (

Travelclick / EzYield (

Update247 (

UseRoss (

VerticalBooking (

Viato (

Vioma (

Winner (

YieldPlanet (

xyzt e-GDS (

Distribution Channels

Google Book Now (commission based model)

TripAdvisor Instant Booking (commission based model)


Hotels may have direct contracts with many online travel agents, which require manual rate and inventory management at the OTA's extranet.

A channel manager will provide a hotel with the capabilities to manage all your direct contracted business with all major online travel agents (OTA's) such as Expedia the GDS and your hotel's website booking engine within a single control panel without having to access a separate third-party application.
Additionally channel managers are able in most situations able to connect directly to your property managment system allowing a full two way connection, taking inventory and rates automatically from your PMS and placing incoming reservation directly into the PMS.

We currently connect to over 60 channel managers in the market. Should your channel manager not be listed please request a connection.( See List )

No additional  charges for GDS reservations using a channel manager.

Standard Booking Engine  (included at No Charge) (optional use)

Operates on your hotel website and is compatible with all mobile devices.

Our booking-engine can be easily integrated in your hotel website, and provides you with the functionality to sell the same offers on your website as in the other distribution channels, and/or tailor offers exclusively available on your website.
Fully integrated with our_CRS as part of our one-stop-distribution solution.

As a standalone, This booking engine interfaces with over 60 Channel Managers for automated pricing and availability updates.
From mobile browsers to netbooks and tablets, users are visiting your hotel website from an increasing array of devices and browsers. Our Booking Engine (IBE)is built on Responsive Web Design standards that anticipate and respond to your user's viewing needs.

In addition, included dedicated mobile versions for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices make booking your hotel on smaller screens fast and simple.

Premium Booking Engine with multiple features available for a low monthly fee for unlimited bookings. Contact us for further information.
  • Includes all features and options on Standard Engine  (including 3-Step Booking)
  •  Allows more than one room per booking, including occupancy, add-ons definable per room.
  • Integrated CMS for managing your stay enhancement add-ons. Add-ons can be configured as complimentary or at a cost, as well as free-sale or attached to availability that can be managed separately from your room availability.
  • Reservations can be completed based on a registered user account, or without registration.
  • Registered user accounts allow for tracking/ changing users bookings, as well as managing user data.
  • Reservation confirmation to more than one e-mail address (i.e. for corporations that book for their travelers).


While following rate-parity best practices will get your customers to consider your hotel website for the final booking, up-sell offers within your booking-process ensures you get the maximum booking value from each guest.
This engine supports your merchandising activities with features like Promotion Prices, Packages/Deals, Room Upgrades,Room Add-On Sales (i.e. food & beverage items, spa treatments , parking lots, etc.), and Promotional Messages (Teasers) that can be scheduled to appear only for certain days of arrivals.

Premium Engine Marketing Tools

io/ Meta Search

Triptease/ Price comparison Widget

Trust You / Trust scores

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